<em>Edit Event</em> Crafting Accessories at St James Market Pavilion

Crafting Accessories at St James Market Pavilion


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St James’s Market Pavilion
St James’s Market

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French “métiers d’art” in association with Creative France, the institut français and Institut National des Métiers d’Art.

Leather making with Serge Amoruso
Serge joined Hermès in the trunk department, and now manages his own brand. Serge is known for working with exotic materials to make bespoke bags. For LCW he demonstrates how he works and shows a unique selection of original leather goods.

Umbrella making with Michel Heurtault
Learn about the rare skills needed for creating umbrellas with Parisian umbrella maker Michel Heurtault. Michel provides a restoration service for vintage umbrellas, working on historical reconstitutions, and creates contemporary couture pieces.

Cufflink making with Samuel Gassmann
Samuel has created his collection of cufflinks to revive the tradition of dressing for the occasion. Producing limited collections and one off designs, his cufflinks are handmade in his Paris Studio. Samuel demonstrates his making techniques.


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Serge Amoruso © Alexis Lecomte - Michel Heurtault © Jacques Boulay - Samuel Gassmann © Samuel Gassmann