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Culture Keepers Foundation

Drinks reception: Tue 2 May, 18:00 - 19:30


Exhibition: Booking not necessary, free. Drinks reception: booking not necessary, free.
10 Thurloe Place

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In collaboration with a selection of celebrated Korean artisans and contemporary artists, Arumjigi, for the first time, brings an exhibition to London which celebrates Korean the authentic Korean craftsmanship with today’s creativity.  The exhibition explores the combination of traditional Korean culture with contemporary creativity and aims to convey a sustainable cultural heritage while using Korean tradition as a rich source of inspiration.

Arumjigi endeavors to uphold and build upon traditional Korean culture. The Arumjigi Culture Keepers is a non-profit private organisation that promotes traditional Korean culture. Since 2004, Arumjigi have hosted a series of exhibitions with contemporary artists and designers based around three disciplines: clothing, food and housing.  The Foundation’s Korean name, Arumjigi, is a manifestation of simple yet determined commitment to preserve and protect even the smallest objects and aspects of beauty that have been neglected, embracing them with open arms. Arumjigi wants our precious cultural heritage to be imprinted on the psyche of modern Korean society as sound, upright tradition and to inspire the creation of beautiful cultural assets. And we wish to hasten the day when we understand and feel our tradition so deeply that we enjoy it and it becomes an integral part of our daily living. In order to make this dream come true, Arumjigi has been searching for the essence of our culture by looking into the past, present, and future and restoring and presenting fine examples of cultural heritage one by one.