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Dinner at UMU with Toru Horiguchi and Kazuya Ishida


via 020 7499 8881, 10 places, £220 + vat and service charge
14-16 Bruton Place

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The Two Michelin star chef Yoshinori Ishii hosts a nine-course Kaiseki dinner at his Japanese restaurant Umu with sake pairing. This is accompanied by a talk about the tableware used to present the restaurant’s food which is all designed and handmade by Ishii.

Ishii spent over a decade training at the world-renowned Kitcho restaurant in Kyoto, a three Michelin star restaurant, as sous chef. After joining Umu seven years ago, he was able to combine a steadfast dedication to Japanese cuisine with his passion for crafts including pottery, calligraphy and flower arranging. His artistry is visible throughout the restaurant and will be showcased at this special dinner. He will be joined by two esteemed craftsmen, Toru and Kazuya, who Ishii counts as both friends and fellow makers. Each of the nine courses will be explained by the chef, and he and his collaborators will explain their works during the dinner.

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