Make Paper at the Institute of Making with Mandy Brannan

Make Paper at the Institute of Making with Mandy Brannan


Institute of Making, University College London
University College London

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Join London based book artist and papermaker Mandy Brannan who will lead a masterclass demonstrating the creative potential of combining two papermaking techniques; traditional Japanese washi and recycled papermaking.

The masterclass begins with learning how to hand-beat the kozo fibres, which add both strength and delicacy to the work. This is followed by making recycled pulps with found papers. You will then create experimental paper sheets by combining kozo fibres with recycled pulp.

‘I love the endless possibilities of using natural fibres that can be hand beaten, chopped, pigmented, manipulated and pushed 95% of the time when 5% of the time they do their own thing – that’s the nature of using natural fibres. The pleasure resulting from making paper by hand can evoke a satisfactory sense of personal accomplishment, one that can satisfy a creative need that comes from working with a medium that can entrance and continue to be open to new experimentation.'

‘Today I continue to experiment by adding non-natural inclusions, by learning new ways to use the natural fibres, and by being inspired by my students to whom I pass on my knowledge; it seems this medium will continually keep me engaged’.