<em>Edit Event</em> No Ordinary Love: Re-play at SEEDS with Martino Gamper

No Ordinary Love: Re-play at SEEDS with Martino Gamper

Talk: Wed 3 May, 6.00pm


Exhibition: booking not necessary, free. Talk: booking not necessary, free
3 Launceston Place
W8 5RL

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020 7937 9477

SEEDS Gallery hosts a film screening, as well as new brass and ceramics. Martino Gamper and Oli Stratford from Disegno magazine discuss the project, and the role of the contemporary designer and maker. 


The design of unique pieces and craft objects motivates the ongoing and consuming question, “design or art?” SEEDS, a space that has emerged and placed itself midway between art and design, treats this debate with conscious levity: on the one hand, hoping to overcome it; on the other, dealing with new possible interpretations and welcoming projects that are provocatively fun.

This was the case with the exhibition "NO ORDINARY LOVE – MARTINO GAMPER W/ FRIENDS” (September to January 2017), bringing about collaborative creation dynamics that are capable of highlighting inconsistencies in the "design system”. The experiment was organised around 3 rules: DAZE OR DOUBLE, questioning the importance of the authorship in design, and AUCTION NO AUCTION, putting into evidence the role of fate or randomness in the value of a piece, SCALE UP AND GIVE IN, going back to the objectivity of a measurement and the simplicity of a gesture. Ceramic and brass were crucial elements in the experiment.