Jan Kath

One of the most successful and awarded rug designers, Kath achieved global recognition in 2005 with his collection ERASED CLASSICS. In this collection of Nepalese knotted rugs, traditional Oriental rug designs and Italian patterns had the “distressed” patina of age woven within them – a technique developed by Kath and one which has become a signature for his collections. Jan Kath’s rugs embody his visceral understanding of the woven carpet as a medium for creative expression. He both uses the traditions and challenges them, creating new form and rede ning the rules of composition. From a family with three generations of carpet dealers, Kath innately understands the nature and processes of working with textile. Kath works with textile as his medium, using natural materials such as Tibetan highland wool, Chinese silk, cashmere and nettle bres. The rugs are hand-made in Nepal, using traditional high density knotting (from 100 to 450 knots per square inch). Kath works closely with the weavers evolving the distinctive and unique techniques so essential to his design. Rugs are bespoke – individually created for each client. Jan Kath has been awarded with numerous international awards, including a prestigious Red Dot Award, Carpet Design Award and the Wallpaper Design Award for SPACECRAFTED in 2015. His rugs are exhibited in museums including The Frankfurt Museum of Applied Art and the Art Museum Riga Bourse and have been exhibited at Art Basel and The Beijing International Design Triennial, amongst others. Jan Kath has also talked about rug design at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Jan Kath’s work is exclusively represented in the UK by FRONT.