Juliet and Jamie Gutch

Juliet and Jamie Gutch each developed their artistic style and direction independently before meeting in 2001. Over the last ten years they have increasingly been working in partnership on commissions and exhibitions. Soon after graduating from Cambridge University in French and Italian, Jamie Gutch established a studio in Stepney, London. For eight years he worked on large scale commissions for companies such as BP, the West Middlesex and Milton Keynes Hospitals, as well as for private clients. Two key developments during the early years of his artistic practise were the ‘figurative mobile’, hand carved wooden mobiles based on the human form and ‘immobiles’, mobiles constructed according to the classic principles of mobile making but which are then deprived of movement in some way. Jamie is now a teacher and Head of Department in Modern Languages. Juliet Gutch studied Russian and English at Birmingham University and various pieces of her creative writing were published in poetry books and The Critical Quarterly. While at university she won the BBC Seton-Watson Bursary to spend time in Russia and subsequently made a programme for Russian Service BBC about her research. Soon after that she spent several years in Italy, where she developed her interest in mobiles. Her first exhibition was of poetry and sculpture at Villa Montefano ( in Emilia Romagna in 2001. Since returning to the UK she has focused on mobile making and has exhibited her work in galleries around the UK and in London at the Curwen & New Academy Gallery (group shows Autumn 2008, June 2009, solo show April 2010) and Jaggedart (groups shows Aug 2009, Jan 2010, May and summer 2010)