Leslie Haynes, Oliver Spencer and Matthew Borkowski from Anderson & Sheppard

Leslie Haynes - Senior Coat Cutter 

Leslie Haynes is a senior Coat Cutter at Anderson & Sheppard, joining the team in 2013. Leslie has over forty years’ experience, beginning the trade straight out of school. 

Oliver Spencer- Trouser Cutter 

Oliver has been a Trouser Cutter at Anderson and Sheppard for just over 8 years, working alongside John Malone. As well as cutting trousers at the bespoke store, Oliver designed the 11 new trouser styles at the Anderson and Sheppard Haberdashery. 

Matthew Borkowski - Apprentice Coat Cutter 

Matthew joined Anderson & Sheppard in December 2013 as an apprentice Trouser Cutter, working with John Malone and Oliver Spencer. Last year Matthew moved to the coat department and is currently working under Leslie Haynes.