Professor Yabuuchi Satoshi 

born in Osaka, Japan in 1953 is a sculptor working in both contemporary practice and historical contexts. He is a very highly respected artist in Japan with solo exhibitions as well as major commissions from Japan’s leading Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Professor Yabuuchi heads the Sculpture Conservation Research Lab at Tokyo University of the Arts, the country’s leading centre for the research, analysis, conservation and historic reconstruction of Buddhist carvings from the Nara to Edo periods.Professor Yabuuchi’s lab has been trusted to work on some of Japan’s most precious artworks from museums and temples across Japan and he has supervised and led on nationally significant conservation projects including a restoration and research of a standing sculpture of Jizo Bosatsu (Kshitigarbha) at Shin-Yakushi-ji temple.

Uniquely his research lab works collaboratively on historic commissions under his supervision ensuring that historical knowledge and important skills are kept alive and relevant in contemporary Japan.  Professor Yabuuchi’s own commissions include the carving of Juroku Rakan (the sixteen Arhats) for Seisho-ji temple in Tokyo.