Svend Bayer

Svend Bayer makes his wood-fired stoneware pots in rural seclusion at Sheepwash in Devon. Of Danish extraction, he likes to work on a large scale and even his smaller domestic pots have a quality of grandeur, influenced by his admiration for traditional pottery of the Far East. Bayer came to England when he was sixteen and began work at Wenford Bridge Pottery with Michael Cardew in 1969. In 1972 he joined Brannam Pottery in Barnstaple and, after travelling in Asia and the USA, he set up his own workshop in Sheepwash, Devon in 1975. Bayer has exhibited widely in Europe, the Middle East, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Bayer is known for his boldly decorated domestic ware and very large garden pots. He uses local North Devon ball clays and a wood-fired, cross-draught, 23 cubic metre kiln. All of Bayer's highly original jugs, jars, mixing bowls and cooking pots are glazed inside. Michael Cardew OBE, one of the finest potters of the 20th century and Bernard Leach’s first apprentice, said of Svend Bayer: ‘I speak of him with awe and fear. He is more than just a potter, he is a force of nature … he is easily my best pupil.’