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Walpole is a unique alliance of 200 British luxury brands, including Burberry, Alexander McQueen, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Boodles, Harrods and Jimmy Choo.

Walpole promotes, protects and develops the unique qualities of UK luxury: the long tradition, rich heritage, superior craftsmanship, innovation, design, style, and impeccable service at the heart of the industry – currently worth over £32 billion to the UK economy, a leading creator of jobs and major contributor to the British economy.

Dedicated to nurturing the next generation of Britain’s luxury brands, Walpole also runs the annual mentoring programmes Brands of Tomorrow, Crafted and the Programme in Luxury Management at London Business School. These initiatives connect Britain’s most talented up-and-coming entrepreneurs, craftsmen and leaders with a network of senior mentors from Walpole’s established membership.