<em>Edit Event</em> Fine Leatherwork Curated by Bill Amberg at Leathersellers’ Hall

Fine Leatherwork Curated by Bill Amberg at Leathersellers’ Hall

Workshops: Thu 4 May, 11.00 – 13.00, 14.00 – 16.30, Sat 6 May, 10.00am – 13.00


Exhibition: Booking not necessary, free. Workshops: Booking necessary via billamberg.com.
The Leathersellers' Company
7 St Helen's Place

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020 3205 1010

Leather designer Bill Amberg brings together a selection of independent British leather artisans for a showcase of one of the country’s oldest craft traditions. The exhibition explores the techniques and applications that inform the modern leatherworker’s craft. Workshops run throughout. Visit billamberg.com to book tickets.

Designed by Eric Parry, with architectural leatherwork by the Bill Amberg Studio, the livery hall is the seventh in the company’s six-century history, and was completed in summer 2016. The London Craft Week Show represents one of the first opportunities for members of the public to set foot inside. Through displays and demonstrations, the exhibition will shed light on how craft practices dating back centuries can influence contemporary products and interiors, revealing how even the simplest everyday objects can be the result of complex and time-consuming hand-making processes.

The exhibition is supported by the Leathersellers’ partner livery companies and will be accompanied by a programme of hands-on masterclasses in hand stitching and glove making. The first event of its kind since the 1970s, this showcase seeks to expand our understanding of this craft and underline its significance as a Great British tradition, and offer a vision of the functional and aesthetic possibilities of leather as a modern-day material.