Neil MacGregor and Valerie Michael

Neil MacGregor and Valerie Michael have an international reputation as designers and makers of fine, high quality, hand-stitched leather goods. They have been making by hand, not in a factory but in an artisanal workshop in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, since 1974. They use only the best vegetable-tanned leathers and source or commission hardware in brass and silver. They are training providers, keeping skills alive and relevant by encouraging the bringing together of contemporary design with traditional techniques.

MacGregor and Michael make a range of bags and cases for men and women, luggage, small leather goods, and trunks.  They also work to commission and can design and make bespoke items. They make for the rich and famous as well as for ordinary mortals.

Over the years they have organised many events including exhibitions, conferences and seminars, becoming champions of leather and its continued relevance to modern life.