Dr Kojima Hisanori

Dr Kojima Hisanori , born in Hiroshima, Japan in 1986 is a sculptor, conservator and expert in wood carving. He studied for his Ph.D in the Conservation of Cultural Property following his undergraduate and masters degrees in Sculpture at Tokyo University of the Arts. Dr Kojima’s research centred on a Kamakura carving from Todai-ji Chushoin Temple from Nara, Japan. This research involved the physical analysis, tomography and historical research of the standing sculpture of Miroku Bosatsu  (Bodhisattva) and the carving of a full scale replica of the sculpture using the historical carving and joinery techniques employed by the master carvers of this period (1185- 1333).

Dr Kojima’s study has revealed the various decisions and revisions made by the original artist and due to Dr Kojima’s own history as a practising artist the replica can clearly be seen as a master work in its own right.