Hal Messel is an English Silversmith and Artist who was apprenticed and trained in traditional Huguenot silversmithing techniques. He applies these skills to create highly imaginative silverware and sculpture.


Originally a fine art painter he left the City and Guilds school in London and went on to discover silver as a medium. Fascinated by its possibilities,  he was trained for seven years by Steve Wager, an Asprey’s silversmith of 25 years in conjunction with celebrated silversmith, Jocelyn Burton.  Under the auspices if the Goldsmiths’ Company, where he won an award for his technical ability. Setting up in business under his own name he renovated a Queen Anne chapel as his home and workshop where he works on the pieces he has been commissioned to make.  A passionate believer in maintaining and encouraging traditional skills he often  incorporates other techniques into his work and has worked with glass  casters Jackson Fawkes on several pieces.