Courtesy of Standpoint


Nicola Tassie

Nicola Tassie originally studied painting at Central School of Art and Design, but began working in ceramics soon after leaving college. Her interests in the crossovers between art and ceramics are evident in her practice which  focuses on both the conceptual and material possibilities of domestic forms.

She follows the studio pottery tradition to produce small batch editions of domestic ware –wide bottomed jugs, bowls, faceted mugs, bottles, - using a wide variety of clay bodies, surface marks and  ash glazes to explore  surface, texture and form. Her work is stocked at The New Craftsman, London. She has ongoing collaborations with the designers Calvin Kline Homeware store NY and Margaret Howell  in London, Paris and Japan for whom she is currently making a collection of sculptural lamp bases.

The domestic wares also form the basis of more conceptual works, which display functional, functionally ambiguous, and overtly sculptural works together in larger scale installations and ‘still life’ sets. She has exhibited with the Rokeby Gallery in London, and The Future Perfect in New York.

She is a founder member of Standpoint Studios and is Director of Education projects.