Chris Keenan

There are few things that offer me greater satisfaction than being at the wheel, throwing or turning. My work and knowledge of clay occupies a fairly narrow band of the extremely broad ceramic spectrum but that band does go deep. I have only ever used porcelain and for the most part, only two glazes. I largely make work in small batches and for these, repetition is key; but the word “repetition” belies the reality that each piece represents a separate examination of the form in question and is a nuanced response to a previous incarnation. 

In addition, over the past few years, I have been making my “extra-curricular” work – non-functional, interactive installation pieces which have at their core a sense of playfulness, incorporating elements of theatre which is a nod to my previous existence as an actor. My work is exhibited around the world and is held in the permanent collections of several Museums including the V&A in London, the Ashmolean in Oxford and the Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art, Japan.