John Leach

The eldest grandson of the world-famous potter Bernard Leach continues the family tradition by hand throwing and wood-firing a large collection of wonderfully usable stoneware pots. John Leach works with two assistants at Muchelney, Somerset, in workshops he established in 1965, restoring the original 15th century village pottery. Leach’s own work shows the influence of English mediaeval pottery; his favourite shapes are substantial and rotund. Pots are often left unglazed externally but with green or deep brown glaze inside. John Leach’s grandfather Bernard was widely considered the most important and influential artist-potter of the 20th century. He pioneered the revival of the English studio pottery movement, setting up the St Ives pottery in 1920 with the help of his friend Shoji Hamada. John apprenticed for his grandfather between 1960 and 1963 enabling him to continue the family tradition, making honest, hand-thrown pots in his own 16th century, thatch-roofed pottery at Muchelney in the beautiful English West Country. His range of stoneware kitchen pots using local clays has been in constant production for over 40 years.