Shinichiro Hashiguchi

Shinichiro Hashiguchi | Architect

Born in Osaka, 1972. After graduating from Kindai University Graduate School, Shinichiro studied under Mr. Kan Izue.

In 2000, he established Hashiguchi Architect &Associate Co., Ltd. Shinichiro places his focus on Japanese traditional crafts and sensibility while continuing to present the tea ceremony rooms, which have been highly rated domestically and internationally.Along with these creative activities, he is currently a PhD candidate for researching washi materials at Kyoto Prefectural University.

Shinichiro’s masterpieces include “Tea Ceremony Room – open weave”, “Tea Ceremony Room – washi”, “Shrine office, Himejima Shrine”. He is the author of “ Japanese Craftsmanship Anew”, and has received many awards including “Good Design Award”, “Design for Asia Award”, and “AACA Award Excellent Prize”.