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Why Horsehair? at Flow Gallery

Talk, Sat 6 May, 15:00


20 places, £8 + vat
Flow Gallery
1-5 Needham Road
W11 2RP

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0207 243 0782

Why Horsehair? a talk at the Flow Gallery, explores the use of unusual natural materials such as horsehair and fish scales in the work of two artists, Isabel Lecaros from Chile and Marian Bijlenga from the Netherlands in Fibre and Form exhibition at Flow Gallery.

Showcasing the work of two makers, this exhibition focuses on the craft of weaving natural materials. Exploring space, pattern and colour to push the boundaries of this tradition.

Chilean artist, Isabel Lecaros, who will be giving the talk,  focuses on the expertise and knowledge of craft practices throughout Chile. The work for this exhibition focuses on weaving with horsehair, also known as Crin, that dates back at least three centuries and is unique to Rari - a rural village in the Maule region of Southern Chile. She has collaborated with ten local craftswomen of Rari, women who have passed the technique down through generations. The delicate weaving of natural or dyed horsehair creating colourful patterns or figures.