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Gilded Interiors at the Wallace Collection


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Wallace Collection
Hertford House, Manchester Square,

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An exclusive private view explores the newly opened exhibition of 18th Century Gilded Bronze artworks. The collection includes artworks commissioned and owned by patrons such as Marie-Antoinette. The tour is followed by a talk from the exhibition curator and gilding experts.

Often designed by leading architects and modeled by important sculptors, gilt bronze was used to create beautiful yet functional objects such as clocks, candelabras and firedogs and to decorate and embellish highly refined furniture and porcelain. This exhibition showcases luxurious artworks commissioned and owned by the wealthiest patrons and collectors, including leading figures of pre-revolutionary France like Marie-Antoinette, the Duc d’Aumont and the Comte d’Artois as well international patrons such as the Prince of Wales (later George IV).

Artists such as Pierre Gouthière, François Rémond and Claude Pition, who ran the finest chasing and gilding workshops, created beautiful works, equal in expense and craftsmanship to some of the greatest paintings and sculpture of the period. The Wallace Collection as the main centre of excellence for gilding in Europe is pleased to focus on this very unusual art form.