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Elliot Walker and Layne Rowe at London Glassblowing

4 - 7 May


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The London Glassblowing gallery hosts an exhibition featuring resident artists Elliot Walker and Layne Rowe, showcasing two expert makers and the ways each one pushes the expectations of what is possible with glass.

Elliot Walker is one of a select group of makers currently specialising in hot glass sculpture, a style of working known for its technical complexity. Walker’s abstract figurative work, inspired by his background in psychology, uses the material to encourage the viewer to derive their own interpretation of the forms.

Layne Rowe consistently surpasses expectations of what is possible with glass. Rowe’s passion for the material is reflected in the diversity and intricate detail of every piece, exemplified by his ‘Woven’ work: a labour-intensive technique of his own creation. This series has been evolving over a number of years and derives from experimenting with vibrantly coloured overlaid canes which he then cuts to reveal colour and movement within.