Sian Evans | Virtual Tour

In this behind-the-scenes virtual tour, award-winning jewellery designer Sian Evans opens the doors to her East London studio, where she creates jewellery collections and bespoke pieces made with materials acquired through barters and exchanges with her customers.

These materials are used to create new pieces using ancient goldsmithing practices she researched during her tenure as a lecturer at Central Saint Martins. In this way, she is able to design and make new pieces that extend the life of precious metals and stones, creating a closed-loop system for sustainably produced jewellery.

Evans’ work is inspired by interests in archaeology, fashion, geology, nature and sustainable technologies; the history of tools, materials and making have informed her collections since she started her creative practice in 1986.

For LCW 2020, Sian Evans will present an installation and interactive demonstration, showcasing her design process and working practices through her individual approach to sustainability and traceability.