Amilcar Ferreira

Painter of tiles since 1985, Amilcar Ferreira was trained in the section of panels of the renowned Ceramics House Aleluia, in Aveiro, Portugal. Today he is considered one of the most highly specialised painters, having reached the leading position at Alleluia until his departure in 1996. At that...Read more

Kim Pan Ki

Kim Pan Ki has created a signature celadon style that dissolves the line between traditional celadon and modern sculptural forms. The synthesis between surface textures inspired by Jeulmun (comb-pattern) decoration technique from Mesolithic and Neolithic periods in Korea (circa 8000 – 1500 BC)...Read more

David Marques

David Marques is a ceramic artist who creates beautifully intricate work for both large-scale art installations as well as collectable objets d’arts. He has worked extensively with prestigious Portuguese porcelain and crystal manufacturer Vista Alegre to create a series of permanent...Read more

Jo Davies

Specialising in wheel-thrown ceramics, multi award winning Jo Davies has produced and shown collections through world renowned institutions including the National Portrait Gallery, Yorkshire Sculpture Park to the Somerset House. Represented across UK galleries and retailers, Jo also stocks...Read more

Sally McGill

A fine artist currently working within the ceramic medium, Sally McGill's artworks have been showcased and sold at the Royal Academy of Art's Summer show no less than six times. Working predominantly in primary colours, Sally's artworks and tableware collections evoke mid-century printmaking...Read more

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8 May
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11 May

In celebration of London Craft Week, the award-winning design studio and workshop will open its doors to exclusively share the making of their debut tableware collection. Wealden comprises richly textured yet simple pieces made from Kentish clay pressed between Kentish chestnut moulds.


Elle Maxwell

Elle Maxwell hand-makes delicate, functional objects and lighting from porcelain. She is led by the processes of ceramics: casting, hand forming, carving and polishing. After studying ceramics at Nottingham Trent University, she set up her business Speckled Grey, alongside working in the...Read more

Vezzini & Chen

Defied by the artful marriage of hand-carved ceramics and blown glass, Vezzini & Chen produce some the most exciting lighting and home accessories in the UK at the moment. Vezzini & Chen’s award-winning practice has previously been invited to showcase collections at The Design Museum,...Read more

PAN Youlong

A graduate from the Department of Sculpture, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University in 1986, PAN Youlong serves as Dean, Professor and Master Tutor of Sculpture Department of Xiamen Academy of Arts & Design, Fuzhou University in Fujian Province. He is also in charge of Intangible...Read more

Judy McKenzie

A recent graduate from the Royal College of Art's Ceramics and Glass course, Judy McKenzie's postgraduate collection focuses on celebrating the Japanese ceramic processes of Nerikomi and Kintsugi. Her hand-built artworks have led her to win international awards and the attention of numerous...Read more

Remy Dubibe

A fine artist working with the medium of porcelain and textiles, Remy's installations and artworks focus on memories, fragility and deterioration. Remy's installations have caught the attention of multiple European art awards, having been shortlisted and showcased in Latvia and The Netherlands...Read more

Jaejun Lee

Jaejun Lee is a Korean ceramicist working in Cardiff, UK. In 2017, he applied for the Tier 1 'Exceptional Talent' Visa and The Art Council England let him to stay and work in the UK for 5 years. He moved to Cardiff and set up his own studio in 2018 and now he spent most of his days in the studio...Read more

Ray G Brown

Ray G Brown is a designer and maker of uncustomary crafted objects. His work explores the poetic qualities of materials - especially those which are often overlooked or discarded. He studied Furniture Making and Product Design at The Cass School of Art and Design, where he first developed his...Read more

Hannah Bould

Hannah Bould is a potter who lives and works in North London. After initially studying Illustration at Camberwell College of Art, Hannah went on to work in Fine Art printmaking, before getting involved with clay in 2012. Now working full-time from her garden studio; making functional, wheel...Read more

Freya Bramble-Carter

Freya Bramble-Carter is a London based ceramicist. Freya's ideology centres around her identity as a black female artist with a strong voice, that has derived from having a Rastafari father who through his own success introduced her to the world of clay. Freya studied Fine Art at Chelsea College...Read more

Helena Lacy

Helena lacy is a London based Sculptor and Ceramicist. Helena creates abstract sculptures from clay usually based on the female body as a form. She likes to take separate aspects of the body that are traditionally feminine such as the curves of breasts and hips - these parts are then put back...Read more

Lily Pearmain

Lily Pearmain is a Peckham based ceramic artist, driven by experimenting with new processes and approaches to clay as a material, while keeping work clean using minimal glazing and simple forms. Her work is technically complicated, but visually minimal, and subtly balanced, with the forms taking...Read more

Maria Wojdat

Maria Wojdat's early creative training and work was in graphic design, it was a time when the industry was changing from drawing boards to computers. As work became more computer based, Maria realised she missed using her hands and making things, that realisation led to ceramics and an MA in...Read more

Alison Gautrey


Almost paper-like, Alison Gautrey’s spun porcelain vessels in a monochrome palette are luminously translucent. These weightless pieces capture the feeling of movement within the simplicity of form. In these sculptural works, Alison successfully combines certain randomness in the process...Read more

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9 May

Under the theme of Korean and Japanese ceramics, Joanna Bird introduces new artists for this Spring exhibition. The show explores the fascinating contrast of aesthetics between both cultures and ceramic styles.

A rare group of works by the pre-eminent Korean Master Potter, Soon-Tak Ji (...