<em>Edit Event</em> In the Studio with Whitaker Malem: 30 Years in Fashion, Film and Art
9 May
10 May
11 May
12 May
13 May

Leather artisans Whitaker Malem open their studio-home for the first time to exhibit key archival pieces alongside new works exploring sexuality and gender. In addition, Patrick Whitaker and ceramicist Kate Malone discuss the parallels between their disciplines.

Established in 1988,...

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10 May

Dreamgirls is the award-winning musical at the Savoy Theatre. In this talk, members of the wardrobe department and cast reveal how the costumes are vital to telling the extraordinary story. 

Gain an insight into the early stages of the Dreamgirls costume design, as well as an...

<em>Edit Event</em> Behind the Scenes Guided Tour of the National Theatre
9 May

Producing up to 30 shows a year, the National Theatre was designed to have everything needed to make theatre ‘under one roof’, including workshops and performance spaces. Join a tour of the workshops to learn more about how their productions are brought to the stage.

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13 May

A talk with Nicky Shaw, the set and costume designer of Glyndebourne's Madama Butterfly, ahead of its festival debut this May. Nicky discusses her work on Annilese Miskimmon’s thought-provoking production and invites you to view costumes and handle set models.

Tickets go on sale on...

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9 May 15

Diane Favell, Head of Costume at RADA, leads a tour of RADA's costume store, focusing on one specially-made costume by a recent graduate. Guests also have the opportunity to meet Deryk Cropper, Head of Properties, and view the RADA prop store and department.

The Royal Academy of...