Rui Pinto

Rui Pinto is a natural-born artisan, with 16 Years of experience in jewellery design and making. Today he masters several jewellery techniques, predominantly the delicate filigree. Trained in the North of Portugal, his art represents a fine narrative in a new generation of artists, in the quest...Read more

Suzanne Potter

A jeweller, maker of small objects and also a solo twin, Suzanne Potter’s absorbing collection of works revolves around the notions of twinness and identity. Potter's elegant, spare and thought-provoking pieces celebrate being one half of two, and collectively commemorate her lost twin sister,...Read more

Theo Fennell

Theo Fennell is one of today’s leading jewellery designers and his handcrafted masterpieces grace serious collections and famous bodies and tables all over the world. His unique jewellery and silverware are both distinctive and inspirational. His pieces incorporate eclectic, quirky and...Read more

Jo Hayes Ward

The Jo Hayes Ward fine jewellery brand is now well into its second decade. Her designs are largely inspired by the concept of the many and the whole; the finer detail versus the big picture. Drawing inspiration from architecture, geology, nature and mathematics, she creates intricate, precise...Read more

Esna Su

Jewellery artist Esna Su grew up close to the Syrian border in Turkey. Her practice has been greatly informed by these origins and also by techniques handed down through generations of her family. 

For London Craft Week, Esna Su will make a sculptural piece using traditional Turkish...Read more

Julia Lloyd George

Colour, form and texture are the hallmarks of Julia’s designs. Sourcing gemstones of exceptional and unusual colour, she is bold in mixing stones. Julia’s love of the sea is expressed in her new pieces, especially her latest necklaces, reflecting the inspiration of pebbles and matching up stones...Read more

Annie Sherburne

An influential and inspiring innovator, artist and polymath Annie Sherburne makes colourful jewellery creations juxtaposing vintage stones with unusual ready-made figures, which she combines and remodels into modern, contemporary pieces.The vintage components date from twentieth century...Read more

Kei Tominaga

Trained and educated in Tokyo, designer and metalsmith Kei Tominaga now resides in London to produce architecturally inspired metal objects, jewellery and wall panels. Kei’s award-winning collections have gained her significant press worldwide and her work is stocked through notable retailers...Read more

Amy Leigh

Amy creates unique contemporary jewellery with a reduced environmental impact. Her signature technique involves pouring molten pewter into water rapidly reducing its temperature and shocking it in to intriguing sculptural forms which she then combines with environmentally conscious materials...Read more