Yusuke Yamamoto

Yusuke Yamamoto graduated from Musashino Art University, in Japan in 2004. He is fascinated by the behaviour of water and cloud, petals, and grains of trees. Shaping metal with hammering and chasing, each stroke expresses a story and an emotion. He exhibits and sells his award-winning pieces...Read more

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MDR Gallery present an exhibition of works in aluminium by designers Wendy Andreu & Bram Vanderbeke, Radek Husak, Sigve Knutson, Silo Studio, and Studio Vit. 

Works in aluminium: Brushed, cast, cut, drawn, hammered, polished, spun.

Aluminium is the third most common element...

Tom Winstanley

A 2007 graduate from the Royal College of Art, Tom freelanced in Art Foundries, taught in Universities and was the Chelsea College of Art Foundry Fellow before launching London Bronze Casting LTD in 2014.

Early on, Tom recognised that remarkable objects could only be made by understanding...Read more

Vincent Jack

Born in Africa, son of a Zimbabwean sculptor, art has always been a resounding part of Vincent’s family life and initiated his creative calling from a young age.

Upon completing school, Vincent moved to England and studied Fine Art in order to evolve his strong urge to express himself...Read more

Kei Tominaga

Trained and educated in Tokyo, designer and metalsmith Kei Tominaga now resides in London to produce architecturally inspired metal objects, jewellery and wall panels. Kei’s award-winning collections have gained her significant press worldwide and her work is stocked through notable retailers...Read more

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235 Years of Craftsmanship with Smedley: David Snoo Wilson

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Monday 21 October 2019
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Continuing our partnership with John Smedley in celebration of their 235-year anniversary, we are delighted to bring you the story of another craft ambassador: Bell Founder David Snoo Wilson. 

In 2012, David started Bristol-based travelling foundry Ore and Ingot, sharing and teaching metal casting and taking commissions. He also became a scholar of The Queen Elizabeth Trust (QEST). In keeping with his aim to preserve traditional arts in contemporary practice, David used his QEST Scholarship to question the folklore of bell founding, researching how different alloys and casting techniques affect harmonics.

Speaking about expanding his craft David stated that “I’ll create an archetypal pattern with the UK’s leading bell designer. Bell bronze has been assumed best for the last three centuries, but there are many more alloys to try. And variables in the casting process, from fuel type to cooling rate. Gathering this knowledge will further my bell foundry work hugely.”

David also forms part of John Smedley’s collective of British craftsmen in celebration of their 235th anniversary as the oldest manufacturing factory in the world. Together they will be showcasing their collective crafts via retail windows, consumer workshops, special product launches and exhibitions throughout 2019 and 2020.