Lisa Todd

Lisa Todd is a Windsor-based surface pattern designer known for her use of bold
colour and pattern. She enjoyed a 20-year international career in interior design,
before an accident resulting in a debilitating neuro-muscular condition forced a
change of direction. She...Read more

Sylvaine Debs

Sylvaine’s style is extremely versatile; she enjoys experimenting with new materials and is on a constant
evolutionary quest. Her work focuses on the combination of feminine elegance with equine grace and

She draws her inspiration from travels, nature but most of all...Read more

Laurence Symonds

Working with metal, wood and electronic components, Laurence's work looks to explore the accepted understanding of how objects are made. From simple geometric experiments with domestic objects through to thoughtfully designed interactive mechanisms, the work crosses a number of technical...Read more

Marianne Wie and Zoë Burt

Zoë Burt is an artist, designer, collaborator, educator and author. Marianne Wie is an artist, freelance photographer and feature writer specialising in culture and design for Scandinavian and British press. Together they collaborated on their book Nature Journal ...Read more

Nicola Cox

Nicola and Christopher Cox first met when they studied fine art together at Wimbledon school of Art in London during the 1990’s. Nicola’s work developed through the process of casting and she continued as an artist working in fine art bronze and artisan glass workshops. At the same time, their...Read more

Onya McCausland

Onya McCausland’s practice consists of paintings, murals, installation and land art. Her work is concerned with how specific materials and processes can be used as a conduit to open up interconnected underlying ideas that draw upon the changing environmental conditions underway in the...Read more

Sophie Coryndon

Sophie Coryndon is a British Artist. Inspired by close observation and appreciation of the natural world, her work spans the worlds of fine and applied art. Imaginative and innovative, Coryndon has forged a successful career in a fine art realm using traditional craftsmanship and specialist...Read more

Sachiko Pearce

Sachiko Pearce was born in the southern island of Kyushu, Japan in 1957 and came to England in 1977. She qualified as a nurse at University College Hospital London before marriage then worked in finance in the City.

Sachiko teaches at Ikenobo Surrey Group, covering Shoka, Rikka and...Read more

<em>Edit Event</em> A Guide to Floriculture, Gardening and Botanical Activities at sketch London
9 May

In anticipation of sketch London's fourth annual Mayfair Flower Show, the participating floricultural artist and craft artisans gather for a talk focusing on the craftsmanship behind the soon-to-be-revealed gardens. The panel will explore traditional printing techniques and their potential...

Ying Chang

Ying Chang set up her practice since graduating from the Royal College of Art London in 2014. She continues to both produce and exhibit her work internationally. 

Ying Chang works with a diverse range of materials, often combining traditional techniques with digital design to achieve...Read more

Angela Fung and Ashley Bedford

Angela Fung and Ashley Bedford form Fung + Bedford, known for their architectural origami, working with interior designers, architects, commercial developers and galleries to design and install large scale geometric structures. They create jaw-dropping impact with huge colourful pleats, and more...Read more

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For over 130 years, G . F Smith has been obsessed with the simple beauty and limitless possibility of paper. Today, they act as custodians of their founders remarkable legacy by making and curating the world’s finest paper collection. For London Craft Week, G . F Smith are partnering with...

Jonty Bottomley

Jonty Bottomley is a 24 year old maker from South East London who’ll try his hand on more or less anything. Jonty has always had a series of making projects starting off from simple portable boomboxes, through art and framing, into Jewellery and display cabinets. From there he has been getting...Read more

Charlotte Hodes

Charlotte Hodes’ practice as an artist takes the form of painting, collage, ceramics and glass. With a touch of humour, lightness and freshness, Charlotte's female signature figure moves comfortably across dishes, canvases, vases, prints and paper. Hodes appropriates every media with confidence...Read more