Loraine Rutt

Cartography has always been central to Loraine Rutt’s work.  Age 16, she joined Birkbeck University where she provided mapping services to the Geography Department then, in her mid-20s, she attended Central St Martins to study ceramics and has produced cartographic artworks in porcelain since...Read more

Charlotte Kingsnorth

The New Craftsmen is supporting emerging industrial designer Charlotte Kingsnorth in developing her practice, which melds functionality with a personal exploration into materiality, form and the subversive. Charlotte graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2012, where she studied for her...Read more

David Gates and Helen Carnac

British makers David Gates and Helen Carnac are fascinated by the discipline of craft and its relation to the industrial world. Working independently and collaboratively on projects the London-based artists are interested in structure and landscape. Trained as a designer Gates’s work explores...Read more

Jacob Boast

Jacob Boast creates products that enable new interactions with making processes, exploring how human agency and motion control can be built into digital making technologies. His project ‘Wable’ explores including spatial wire forming experiments and design research into developing interactive...Read more

James Hamill

James has been keeping bees since he was five years old and beekeeping has been in my family for the last three generations since 1924; James is now a fourth-generation beekeeper and the director and head beekeeper for the Hive Honey Shop in London.

He has travelled around the world...Read more

Matteo Menapace

Matteo Menapace is a technology educator and designer of videogames and board games. Menapace grew up in Italy and spent many afternoons playing videogames as a kid. A few years later, he learned to code so that he could cobble together a videogame about Plato’s Cave. He then went on to build...Read more