Soledad Christie Browne

Soledad has lived in San Pedro de Atacama for almost 30 years. Surrounded by a vast and amazing landscape, she connects with the ancient local language: pre-Columbian pottery.

"My work is deeply rooted in the ancestral and powerful pre-Columbian pottery tradition and its ancient shaping,...Read more

Agalis Manessi

Agalis Manessi's work lies within the tradition of maiolica and celebrates this rich historical medium through diverse influences ranging from the Italian Istoriato dishes to the simplicity of humble folk wares.

Striving for a poetic mastery through pictorial representation and a...Read more

Nick Membery

Nick Membery has been making stoneware pottery for 30 years and is inspired by the colours and textures of the landscape in Carmarthenshire, Wales. After about 25 years of making a repeated catalogue range, Membery gradually started making pots which, while still always intended for use, are of...Read more