<em>Edit Event</em> JIZAI by Haruo Mitsuta at Daiwa Foundation Japan House
8 May
9 May
10 May

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation hold an exhibition, JIZAI by Haruo Mitsuta, during London Craft Week at Daiwa Foundation Japan House.

Mitsuta is a contemporary artist who makes Jizai Okimono - flexible animal figures made from metal pieces - which replicate the movement of...

Ute Decker

The wearable sculptures of Ute Decker have been shown internationally in over 120 fairs and exhibitions. Her work is found in major private and public collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum. 

Best known for her minimalist yet bold sculptural pieces, Ute Decker is a master...Read more

Vincent Jack

Born in Africa, son of a Zimbabwean sculptor, art has always been a resounding part of Vincent’s family life and initiated his creative calling from a young age.

Upon completing school, Vincent moved to England and studied Fine Art in order to evolve his strong urge to express himself...Read more

Zuza Mengham

Zuza Mengham is a London-based Artist who studied and received her BA in Sculpture at Wimbledon College of Art. Rooted in a preoccupation with abstracted form, materials and their stories. Her work explores the join between traditional crafts and new methods of making. The use and manipulation...Read more

PAN Youlong

A graduate from the Department of Sculpture, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University in 1986, PAN Youlong serves as Dean, Professor and Master Tutor of Sculpture Department of Xiamen Academy of Arts & Design, Fuzhou University in Fujian Province. He is also in charge of Intangible...Read more

Helena Lacy

Helena lacy is a London based Sculptor and Ceramicist. Helena creates abstract sculptures from clay usually based on the female body as a form. She likes to take separate aspects of the body that are traditionally feminine such as the curves of breasts and hips - these parts are then put back...Read more