Nina Bilbey

Nina Bilbey, Senior Stone Carving Tutor, City & Guilds of London Art School


Nina comes from a family of Master Craftsmen. From the beginning she was encouraged to respect the nature and the practical limitations of natural materials. She was taught the...Read more

Lily Marsh

Lily Marsh is a stonemason who has worked on restoration and commercial projects in London.

She gained an NVQ through the Prince’s Foundation after completing her advanced diploma in stonemasonry at the Building Crafts College, Stratford.

Lily became a QEST (Queen Elizabeth...Read more

Tim Crawley

Tim Crawley, Head of Historic Carving, City & Guilds of London Art School

Tim Crawley is an architectural sculptor working principally with stone. His early career was in the restoration of historic monuments, and he has carved work for King’s College Chapel, Cambridge; Ely Cathedral...Read more

Thomas Sargeant

Thomas Sargeant is an experienced stone carver, letter cutter and designer. He shares a workshop with his previous masters Christopher Elsey and Geoffrey Aldred at The Stone Carving and Lettering Studio in East Sussex. His formal apprenticeship was funded through The Lettering Arts Trust (...Read more

Adrien Canitrot

Born in 1984 in the south of France. His professional training began in 2000, after 2 years studying Stone Carving, he embarked on a Journey through France and Catalonia, participating in the restoration and construction of numerous Historical Monuments such as the Strasbourg Cathedral, the ...Read more