Aiveen Daly

Aiveen Daly is one of the most sought after textile artistry studios in the luxury design arena. The team in North West London regularly hosts some of the top interior designers and architects from across the globe. Working largely to commission, the studio uses fabric manipulation, weave work...Read more

TJ Brown

TJ Brown began his career as a seamstress of sorts creating clothing — everything from pants to dresses to hats to shoes — for friends and family who had admired his own hand-sewn style. Upgrading from his mother’s sewing machine to a full-time position in a textile cutting room in London, TJ...Read more

<em>Edit Event</em> Carving our way to superior craftsmanship - The Odd Chair Company
7 Oct

This family-run business prides itself on making fine, sustainable and comfortable furniture, offering clients an exceptional service from start to finish. The furniture is made passionately by time-served craftsmen at their own workshops in the North West of England, drawing upon 100 years of...

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