Allyson McDermott

Allyson McDermott is one of the world’s leading authorities on the conservation and recreation of historic wallpapers. Artist, designer, scientist and sleuth she uses analysis and research to peel away the layers of history, piecing together minute clues and re imagining original designs for...Read more

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10 May

The Guy Goodfellow Collection Showroom hosts an afternoon of interactive demonstrations by renowned wallpaper historian Allyson McDermott and her team.

Guests are invited to participate in demonstrations whilst Allyson discusses the techniques and technology behind her craft, tracking...

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12 May

Discover restoration techniques at Pitzhanger Manor. Decorative painter Alasdair Peebles teaches visitors the chinoiserie painting techniques he used to restore the walls of Pitzhanger to their former Regency glory.

Pitzhanger Manor is an early 19th-century villa designed by leading...