A Workshop with The Royal Mint’s Chief Engraver




9 May 2023, 10:00 - 15:30


Wallacespace Spitalfields

15–25 Artillery Lane
E1 7HA

A Workshop with The Royal Mint’s Chief Engraver

A hands-on plaster modelling workshop with The Royal Mint’s chief engraver Gordon Summers. Learn the age-old skills of carving and create your own plaster-cast model to take home. The workshop also includes an in-depth talk on the engraving process.


The home of precious metals, The Royal Mint is the official maker of beautifully designed Great British coins and thoughtfully crafted medals. Engraving is an integral part of this process.

This workshop with chief engraver Gordon Summers provides the opportunity to delve into centuries of British heritage and craftsmanship and learn the skills of carving.

Once a coin is designed and approved, a model of the coin is produced from plaster, before being scanned and stored as a digital file, from which an engraving machine will cut the design onto a piece of steel. As part of this workshop, attendees create their own plaster-cast models to take home.

The workshop includes an in-depth talk with Gordon Summers, who has held the position of chief engraver at The Royal Mint for over a decade.

The workshop runs as follows:
10am – 12pm: Attendees create plaster cast models
12pm – 1.30pm: Lunch and an in-depth talk on the engraving process by chief engraver Gordon Summers
1.30pm – 3:30pm: Workshop continues. Attendees carve and complete their plaster models

All proceeds from this event go to Heritage Crafts.