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The Art of Boro at TOAST

Workshop, 11 May 14:00 — 18:00
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191 Westbourne Grove
W11 2SB

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020 7229 8325

Learn the traditional Japanese art of Boro with Ray Stitch to prolong the life of your clothes. This workshop explores the history behind the technique and uses layers of TOAST cloth and thread to stitch together a Boro-inspired textile or repair or strengthen an item of clothing.

In Japanese, there is a term called ‘mottainai’, or ‘waste nothing’. It is the core value of Boro (Japanese indigo patchwork), the practice of mending or patching textiles. Pieces of kasuri might be layered over darkly striped fabrics, or deep indigo stitched over scraps of the palest, faded blue. Over the years, each generation would alter the garments, giving them an entirely new life by patching together further fabrics, or by using sashiko stitching (a decorative reinforcement stitch, literally translated as ‘little stabs’).

No sewing experience is necessary for the workshop.

Photo credit: 
Catherine Legrand. Author of Indigo: The Colour That Changed The World