<em>Edit Event</em> The Art of Making at the Art Workers’ Guild

The Art of Making at the Art Workers’ Guild

Demonstration and Exhibition,
12 May 11:00 – 17:00

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The Art Workers' Guild
6 Queen Square

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020 7713 0966
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Disabled access

Master craftsmen and women from the Art Workers’ Guild showcase a variety of craft disciplines, from stone carving to textile design and calligraphy, demonstrating the specialist skills involved in the making process of each.

The Art Workers’ Guild was founded in 1884 by young architects and designers. The membership comprises over 300 active craftspeople representing more than 60 crafts. Work by past and present Guild members can be seen all over Britain, in houses, churches and everyday objects. A respect for quality, for craftsmanship, for the work of the hand, and a recognition of the healing, humane value of craftsmanship still characterises the Guild.

The Art Workers' Guild