<em>Edit Event</em> Candle Making with Rachel Vosper

Candle Making with Rachel Vosper

Demonstration, 9 - 11 May 13:00 - 15:00
Rachel Vosper
69 Kinnerton Street

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020 7235 9666

Join Rachel Vosper, one of Britain’s leading candle chandlers, in her Belgravia studio for an insightful and informative demonstration on the history and artisanal craftsmanship of candle making.

In 2011, Rachel opened her flagship store in the heart of Belgravia, making and selling beautifully scented candles to a mix of retail customers, corporate and private clients.  Using only the finest sourced ingredients, Rachel employs traditional methods to ensure each candle has longevity of fragrance and an optimum burn.  

One of Rachel’s most unique features is her refill service, which allows customers to bring back used votives from the shop or provide their own vessels to be made into candles – thus giving a new lease of life to something sentimental or old that may have been tucked away in a cupboard 
for years.

As demand for bespoke scents increases, Rachel has been commissioned by a number of property developers to create bespoke scent packages for their latest projects. She also provides corporate clients with personalised gifts and fragrances for exclusive private and commercial properties.

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Rachel Vosper