Constructing Space: An Exhibition of Danish Contemporary Craft

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10 May 2023 - 13 May 2023, 11:00 - 18:00
10 May 2023, 18:00 - 19:00


Flow Gallery

1–5 Needham Road
W11 2RP

Constructing Space: An Exhibition of Danish Contemporary Craft



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An exhibition of three Danish female artists, Heidi Hentze, Trine Drivsholm and Ane Christensen, working in three distinct materials: glass, porcelain and metal. Together, they explore the absence of conventional function, contemporary interpretations of simple geometric forms and the use of light and shadow.


An exhibition of three female Danish artists, Ane Christensen, Heidi Hentze and Trine Drivsholm, whose work has never been shown together before. Through juxtaposing different craft mediums, visitors are encouraged to appreciate how the Danish artists’ diverse practices communicate in a shared visual language. The artists are of the same generation and are all at an exciting mid-career stage. Each presents a mature artistic practice and mastery of their materials, yet is still driven by experimentation and evolution. This is exemplified through three distinct materials — metal, porcelain, and glass — inviting contrast and comparison.

Despite different mediums, the artists share concepts and themes. ‘Constructing Space’ refers to the artists’ ability to manipulate materials and create the feeling of forms being continuously constructed/deconstructed. Ane Christensen, for instance, describes her work as ‘line drawing in space’, where material defies gravity. Each artist pushes the possibilities of form versus absence, exploring negative space and the interaction between light and shadow. Air and light, therefore, become ephemeral ‘materials’ in the artists’ work.

The mediums also present different interpretations of fragility and balance, which are further emphasised through the objects’ lack of conventional function. In itself, this challenges viewers’ preconceptions of the purpose of craft and highlights the sculptural element inherent in the artists’ work. Thematically, all the artists also present an interpretation of geometry — whether mathematical or organic. Geometric forms emphasise a sense of ‘structure’ that is enhanced by the materials. Together, their diverse artistic practices become poetic and quietly subversive explorations of their materials.

This exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation and the Embassy of Denmark in London.

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