<em>Edit Event</em> Customising Traditional Upholstery at Dudgeon Sofas

Customising Traditional Upholstery at Dudgeon Sofas

Talk & Demonstration,
Dudgeon Sofas
Bartolozzi Mews
100 Lillie Road

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020 7589 0322

An upholsterer from Dudgeon Sofas demonstrates their craft, building a piece from raw beechwood to a finished sofa or chair.

Learn how each handmade Dudgeon piece can be customised in their Fulham workshop, whether through changing the dimensions, wood finish, custom leg shape or even the addition of fancy show-wood. Cushion fillings can be changed depending on the comfort level you are looking for, and more than one fabric can be used. Sofas can be made for tight access and odd-shaped rooms, or even more complicated ideas such as amoeba shapes and TVs coming out of sofas.

Dudgeon Sofas