<em>Edit Event</em> Daylesford Explores the Craft of the Tabletop

Daylesford Explores the Craft of the Tabletop

8 – 11 May 08:00 – 20:00
12 May 10:00 – 16:00
8 – 11 May 18:30 – 20:30
9 May 18:30 – 20:30

Booking Details

Installation, Booking not necessary, free
Workshops, booking necessary, 6 - 12 places per workshop, £75 - £145
44B Pimlico Road

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020 7881 8060
Venue Information & Facilities:

Daylesford Pimlico has accessibility for wheelchairs, both on the ground floor, and a lift to the first floor.

Daylesford hosts a series of workshops at their Pimlico farmshop, exploring the craft of the tabletop and exhibiting their latest homeware collections.

The workshops include:

Tabletop Calligraphy Workshop with Emma Block

Taught by illustrator Emma Block, this workshop focuses on creating beautiful watercolour wreaths, perfect for making your own invites, menus and event stationery. The workshop focuses on developing skills and applying techniques, allowing you to grow in confidence and begin to develop your own style. The workshop starts with a colour-mixing demonstration, to become familiar with the paint and different effects that can be used. Then, learn how simple brush strokes can be used to create leaves, flowers and stems and how these can be arranged to make floral motifs.

Making and Decorating Ceramics Workshop with Kana London

A two-hour workshop. Join Ana from Kana London to get your hands dirty with clay, whilst learning a classic hand-building pinching technique to make a set of two salt and pepper pinch bowls with matching serving spoons. These are then glazed by the Kana team in a snow-white glaze.

The second part of the workshop focuses on decoration. The Kana team pre-make and bring Kana ceramic bowls in a bisque-fired snow-white stoneware clay, ready for you to decorate. Decorate your bowl with your own bespoke design and cover with a coat of transparent clear glaze. All pieces created in the workshop are taken back to the Kana studio to be fired and glazed, to be returned to the Pimlico farmshop for workshop guests to collect.

Napkin Block-Printing Workshop with Louisa Loakes

Gain a fundamental understanding of the key techniques of block printing, guided by the talented Louisa Loakes. Focusing on line as inspiration, carve your own simple lino block to create a pattern repeat of your own initials, which you can then twist and turn to play with the pattern before printing. This workshop gives you an idea of the block-printing process and what it has to offer, with a creative approach to pattern. With your newly honed block-printing skills, print a set of four, 30cm x 30cm napkins to enjoy for years to come.

Furniture-Caning Demo with Electra Read-Dagg

Learn how to repair and restore furniture in this special demo.

Upholsterer ELECTRA READ-DAGG will host this two-hour session, sharing the essential skills needed to master the art of caning by hand using natural rattan. 

Daylesford Pimlico has accessibility for wheelchairs, both on the ground floor, and a lift to the first floor.