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Experience Kyoto: A Celebration of Japanese Creativity and Making from Kyoto

9 - 12 May 11:00 — 17:00
13 May 11:00 — 16:00
Nobu Hotel Shoreditch
10 - 50 Willow Street

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020 7683 1200

Hosted by the Nobu Hotel Shoreditch, this exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to experience the beauty and sophistication of Kyoto. Through a display of crafted products from the region, ranging from textiles to ceramics and cuisine culture, the ‘wabi-sabi’ culture of Japan is celebrated and shared.

Kyoto was once the capital of Japan. The Imperial Palace was located in the city for over 1,200 years, and throughout this period master craftspeople gathered in Kyoto to meet the demands of Emperors. The skills, knowledge and experiences of the region were passed down over time.

In this exhibition, visitors experience traditional ceramics made for the art of tea ceremony, such as “Kyo-yaki and  Kiyomizu-yaki” , rare silk fabrics “Nishijin Textile”, “Kyo Yuzen Textile Dyeing”, Japanese candle “Warousoku”, and The traditional cuisine of Japan “Washoku”.


Nobu Hotel Shoreditch