Hand-Crafted Neapolitan Silk Accessories

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13 May 2022 - 14 May 2022, 09:00 - 19:00


E. Marinella

15 Burlington Arcade

Hand-Crafted Neapolitan Silk Accessories


E. Marinella was founded in Naples in 1914, and their silks are still traditionally printed in Macclesfield. For LCW, they will host seamstresses from Naples in their London shop, who will demonstrate cutting and sewing. Additionally, there is the possibility to commission a bespoke tie, and to watch the process of it being made.

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E. Marinella was founded in Naples in 1914. The shop was described at the time as a “Little Corner of England in Naples”, selling the finest English products to Neapolitan nobility and high-society. Now, nearly 108 years later, they are still a family business and are most famous for their silks, still printed in the traditional way in Macclesfield, England with exclusive, signature E. Marinella designs. Throughout their history, their ties and scarves have been worn by British Royalty, U.S. Presidents and European Heads of State. The heart of E. Marinella is represented by the workshops in Naples: a confluence of craftsmanship, creativity and passion. It is in these places that the exclusive hand-made creations come to life.

For London Craft Week, they will host the third-generation owner, Maurizio Marinella, and two seamstresses from their Neapolitan workshop in the London shop. Here, they will demonstrate the cutting and sewing of their silk ties. Additionally, there is the possibility to choose from their famous silks and commission a bespoke tie, made to your exact requirements, and to watch the process of it being made.

Among the finest of these are the seven-fold ties: light and precious, rich in silk. To achieve this, double the quantity of silk is needed, compared to that for a classic three-fold tie. In these special pieces, the body of the tie is given purely by the folds of the silk.

Join them to learn more about the silk-screen printing techniques used for their textiles and to witness the craftsmanship, skill and spirit that their seamstresses put into every one of their products.