<em>Edit Event</em> Inscribed: The Craft of Cutting Letters

Inscribed: The Craft of Cutting Letters

Exhibition, 8 - 10 May 09:00 – 18:00
Tour, 8 - 9 May 12:00 – 13:15
Tour, 10 May 12:00 – 14:00
Demonstrations, 8 - 9 May 18:00 – 20:00
Workshop, 8 - 10 May, 13:00 – 14:00,
15:00 – 16:00

Booking Details

Exhibition, booking not necessary, free
Tour, 8 and 9 May, booking necessary, 10 places, £8
Tour, 10 May, booking necessary, 15 places, £15
Thomas Sargeant demonstration, booking necessary, 40 places, £15

Sam Marsden and Louise Sorrell demonstration, booking necessary, 40 places, £15

Workshop, booking necessary, 10 places, £8
Edit Event Open Studios at the Goldsmith&#039;s Centre
The Goldsmiths' Centre
42 Britton Street

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020 7566 7650
Venue Information & Facilities:

Toilets, cafe, disabled access

Discover the craft of letter cutting with The Hand Engravers Association and The Lettering Arts Trust through a showcase of their artists’ work alongside demonstrations, workshops and tours. See how this ancient skill flourishes in contemporary craft practice.   

The craft of engraving and carving letters on metal, stone or glass has a rich heritage. We encounter hand-cut words every day on functional, decorative and commemorative objects – from signage, clocks and jewellery to trophies and coins.

The exhibition, Inscribed, presents a wide selection of artists’ work, alongside loans from the Goldsmiths’ Company and other collections, to provide a unique insight into the processes used by contemporary craftspeople to design, craft and carve text.     

Test your craft skills and step behind the scenes through a series of workshops, demonstrations and guided tours. Have a go at punching out or engraving a letter, go on a walking tour of London’s inscribed buildings or step off the high street directly into the training workshops and creative studios of the Goldsmiths’ Centre.

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The Goldsmiths' Centre