Japanese Zen Zabuton Demonstration

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8 May 2023, 11:00 - 11:30, 16:00 - 16:30
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Japanese Zen Zabuton Demonstration

Japanese Zen Zabuton Making Demonstration.


Niwa Futon-ten believes that while there are certain things that can be adapted and modified with the times, there are some traditions that should be celebrated and preserved.

The specialist techniques that Niwa Futon-ten has inherited from its founder in the Meiji Period have been passed down unaltered over the years to the present day. However, traditional futons that were once an inherent part of Japanese culture have become less common as modern-day bedding.

Niwa Futon-ten reintroduces the comfort of futons made of cotton and floss silk (much cherished in the original Japanese culture) into present-day life by adjusting their style and reconsidering their function.

They also apply their inherited tradition to today’s manufacturing techniques, based on their history of production in Japan. The uncompromising quality of handcrafted futons are carefully selected from the raw materials, and are made by craftsmen who spend a lot of time and effort from cotton manufacturing to tailoring. We continue to make futons that take time to finish with the skills of two generations of craftsmen who have become the best in Japan.