Marthe Armitage Prints Limited

Wallpaper making



12 May 2023, 10:00 - 20:00


Brentford Studio

Unit 2 Carrick Square, 5 Commerce Road

Marthe Armitage Prints Limited


Marthe Armitage Prints Limited is an artisanal design company producing exclusive, hand printed wallpapers and coordinating screen-printed fabrics from handmade linocuts. The intricate prints were originally created by artist Marthe Armitage, who used the traditional technique of lino block printing to bring each design to life. Today, it is her daughter – Jo Broadhurst, herself an artist and trained architect – who produces the signature hand-printed wallpapers, using the same 100-year old printing press that Marthe picked up from a second-hand scrapyard in Brixton back in the 60s. A high-end range of digitally printed wallpapers has also recently been introduced, carefully made to retain the subtle tonality found in the hand prints and offering the option of a wide width wallpaper to suit different customer requirements.

Described as enchanting and mystical, stimulating or calming in equal measure, Marthe’s designs are inspired by the natural world around her and draw the eye into fabulous landscapes of imaginary lands and elegant gardens. Repeat is at the heart of her designs, which are the product of exceptional imagination and almost mathematical in the elegance of their solutions. The result is a seamless repeat within a complex design. To Marthe, this is “the unfathomable mystery of pattern, as basic to sight as
music is to hearing.”