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Natural Dyeing Demonstration by the London Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers

9 May 11:00 — 19:00
10 May 10:00 — 16:00
Southwark Cathedral
London Bridge

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020 7367 6710

A demonstration of natural dyeing with plants that would have featured in a typical medieval monastic herb garden. Find out how reds, yellows, blues and greens can be obtained from madder, weld and woad. Stone carvers from the City & Guild’s London School of Art also host workshops.

Southwark Cathedral stands on the site of the Augustinian Priory of St Mary Overie. In 2015, a monastic herb garden was recreated on the site of the Bishop’s Chapel at the east-end of the churchyard.

The London Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers was founded in 1950 to promote awareness of and education in handspinning, handweaving, dyeing, design and creative crafts in general. Many of its members not only use natural dyes but also grow their own dye plants.

This event showcases how to extract and use dye from fresh and dried plant materials. A highlight is using dyer’s madder from the Southwark Cathedral herb garden and fresh woad grown by London Guild members. Over the course of two days, a palette of colour emerges from dyepots set up in the Cathedral churchyard.

Historic Stone Carvers from the City & Guild's London School of Art will also be demonstrating stone carving in the Churchyard.  Please visit for further details.

Southwark Cathedral