<em>Edit Event</em> Open Studio at Silent goods: Creating a Sustainable Luxury Bag

Open Studio at Silent goods: Creating a Sustainable Luxury Bag

Open House, 13 May 10:00 — 18:00

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50 places, free

Silent Goods
Studio 1A
69A Southgate Road
N1 3JS

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07756 175026

Visit the Silent goods studio in Dalston and discover their story and craft first hand. Founded by a designer, a master craftsman and an environmental scientist, Silent goods creates sustainable luxury leather bags without an ego. Please register your interest here.

Silent goods believes that not everything you wear needs to shout for attention.

The studio crafts luxury goods shaped by a silent aesthetic that prioritises neutral yet beautiful product over brand. By completely removing all labels, logos and meaningless detail, they create pieces of real quality that remain understated, quietly accentuating your natural personal style, never overshadowing it.

As an antidote to the constantly shifting rhythms of fashion, they offer a permanent range of archetypal bags. Resolutely designed for a single purpose, the bags are handmade by a passionate team who have dedicated their lives to their craft.

Sustainability and transparency permeate everything Silent goods does. They want to make a positive social and environmental impact by selecting the most incredible yet sustainable materials and processes available. The bags are only ever available direct to consumer, without the traditional retail mark-ups.


Silent Goods