Plant Explorations at The New Craftsmen

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10 May 2022 - 15 May 2022, 11:00 - 18:00


The New Craftsmen

34 North Row

Plant Explorations at The New Craftsmen



This spring, The New Craftsmen has invited a group of makers – including renowned basket makers, weavers and woodworkers – to examine and interpret a myriad of plant-related objects and their narratives, resulting in an immersive exhibition showcasing each maker’s uniquely crafted responses.

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To mark their 10-year anniversary, The New Craftsmen has invited their makers to reflect upon, and take inspiration from, the evolution and uses of their craft along with the skill and imagination of makers across the centuries, and respond by creating their own unique pieces. ‘Plant Explorations’ delves into the making traditions centralised around plants, and humanity’s ever resourceful, ingenious and imaginative approach to finding practical and beautiful solutions for their needs.

Drawing inspiration from the Economic Botany Collections at Kew Garden, a group of selected makers present a dynamic new collection of work. The group includes renowned basket makers such as Annemarie O’Sullivan and Hilary Burns; weavers including Catarina Riccabona; and woodworkers Takahashi McGil and Cyriaque Ambroise. The resulting exhibition showcases innovative collections of lighting, furniture, baskets and objects for interiors, as well as one-off artworks that are exhibited in The New Craftsmen’s Mayfair showroom from Tuesday 10 May.

Throughout London Craft Week, visitors of the exhibition can observe and participate in the making process; gathering around the table with basketmaker Hilary Burns, who is crafting string from plants, and multi-disciplinary maker Lola Lely, who is hand dipping some of her spectacular plant specimens into wax to create delicate artworks.

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