Artist Talk: Meet the Korean Moon Jar Artist, Ree Soo-jong




9 May 2023, 18:30 - 19:00


Cromwell Place

Arc Gallery, 4 Cromwell Place

Artist Talk: Meet the Korean Moon Jar Artist, Ree Soo-jong

Part of the exhibition ‘Moon Jar: The Untold Story’, this film screening and tour introduces the world of the Moon Jar and contemporary Korean ceramics. Watch interviews with artists in their studios in South Korea, followed by an exhibition walkthrough with Korean modernist potter Rhee Soo-jong and gallery director Lloyd Choi.


Part of the exhibition ‘Moon Jar: The Untold Story’, this is a rare chance to meet a Korean modernist potter outside of South Korea. With a career spanning over 50 years, Ree Soo-jong is the pioneering modern ceramist in South Korea who refused to make a Moon Jar until the new millennium. To explore his untold story, Lloyd Choi is delighted to be in conversation with the artist, in an inspiring Artist Talk.

The Moon Jar is a pot that became an icon in contemporary ceramic history and is celebrated in both the UK and South Korea. The traditional form, echoing the shape of a floating full moon, dates back to the 18th century in Korea. ‘Moon Jar: The Untold Story’ explores interpretations of the form by six Korean makers working today.

For many years, the Moon Jar’s powerful identity and place within Korean ceramic tradition has overshadowed the individuality of modern potters. This exhibition focuses on modernist potters and contemporary artists who are making and un-making the Moon Jar form. These artists are challenging expectations and finding a sense of ‘self’ within the Moon Jar’s rich heritage. Modern masters Rhee Soo-jong and Lee Gee-jo are shown alongside Yun Ju-cheol and Park Sung-wook. The exhibition also introduces two young female artists, Choi Bo-ram and Kwak Hye-young.

Deconstructing the traditional Moon Jar, the pure white pots have been embellished with gold, colour has been introduced and the curvaceous form has been abandoned. Some interpretations have involved subtler changes while other modern masters have gone full circle, returning to the traditional form while still finding a way to express their individuality and artistic ‘self’.

‘Moon Jar: The Untold Story’ is an exhibition to mark the 140th anniversary of the South Korea/United Kingdom diplomatic relationship in 2023. The exhibition was organised by KCDF and curated by Lloyd Choi
About Lloyd Choi: Director of an international art gallery, Lloyd Choi represents pioneering and established master craftspeople and artists alongside exciting young makers who are blurring the lines between art, craft and design in South Korea today.